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Tula Pink De la Luna – Possessed


Meet the De la Luna sisters from Tula Pink at Free Spirit Fabrics!

Taking their magic from the spirit world, each year, as fall races headon into winter, the matriarchs of the De la Luna clan of southern Texas call on their ancestors and act as vessels for their spiritual powers.

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Let’s meet the de la Luna sisters from south Texas!

Maria, the youngest of the three, has the power of clairvoyance. Whether she is using her prophetic powers to pen notes to mean girls telling them when and where they will die or just advising when their boyfriends will break up with them, all depends on how mean she deems them to be.

The middle sister is Magnolia, or Maggie for short – drawing power from the spirits of earth and bloom – runs a successful landscape architectural firm. While she doesn’t wear glasses (which are said to be the mark of the smartest people), she is cunning in business and nature as she plans the lush gardens and vast landscapes for her exclusive (and most prestigous) clientele.

Venus De la Luna, the eldest rules the entire de la Luna clan. Leaving a trail of admirers wherever she goes, she has a very mysterious past. Best friend to her English cousin Scarlet Von Black (from a popular signature Tula Pink collection a few years ago called Night Shade) she denies knowing why men choose to buy her gifts from her extensive online wish list. She maintains it is truly no fault of her own and she was just minding her own business when those males around her seem haunted, falling under her spell.

So choose your favorite Possessed tableau – Clairvoyant – Spirit – Haunted – or gather all three into a project perfect for Halloween but soft enough to leave out and use the entire year.

Additional Information

Haunted, Spirit, Clairvoyant


100% cotton
44" wide

Machine Wash – Cold – Normal Cycle with like colors
Do not bleach
Tumble dry low
Warm Iron

Printed in Korea